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iMessage, explained

6 minute read

This blog post is going to be a cursory overview of the internals iMessage, as I’ve discovered during my work on pypush, an open source project that reimplem...

iMessage Overview (Original)

1 minute read

My project right now is reverse engineering iMessage. And I don’t mean like a half usable POC that only works with Macs. I mean the real thing: a fully open ...

Downloading Vimeo videos

1 minute read

So, if you saw my previous blog post, you know about how I wanted to download chapel videos from COTW. This is a continuation post on how I automated that. T...

Camp-of-the-Woods Streaming

1 minute read

Camp-of-the-Woods (COTW) is a family resort up in the Adirondacks. This post is about their various streams and videos, and how one might make the best use o...


3 minute read

This mega-post is intended to overview on how the ADEPT protocol works, as discovered by my own efforts and those of Grégory Soutadé and Florian Bach. It wil...

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