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Sometimes, you want to include your Discord somewhere. You might want to link to it on your website, or on a social network, or even in a QR code. The problem, however, is that it’s not completely obvious how to do so.

Warning: People will only be able to see your profile if they are currently logged into Discord. Otherwise, they will be prompted to do so.

It’s rather simple, really. It involves crafting a link like https://discord.com/users/672897428470366208, where 672897428470366208 is your user ID.

But wait a moment! How do you get your ID? It’s pretty simple, and involves activating a Discord feature known as “Developer Mode”.

Activating Developer Mode

Note: Though it might have a scary name, all it does is show normally hidden information about various things, such as user IDs!

You’ll find this mysterious setting in various places.

On Desktop or web, you need to head into User Settings, and go to the Advanced tab, where you will find the Developer Mode toggle.

For mobile apps, you can see Discord’s support article on the topic.

Getting your user ID

The very first thing you need to do is find a message you’ve sent. (The easiest way to do this is to just send one!) Now, right-click (or hold on mobile) on your username, and you should see a new “Copy ID” button in the context menu. Click it, and your user ID will be copied to the clipboard.

Note: It’s very important that you right-click on your username attached to the message, not the message itself. Otherwise, you will be getting the message ID instead!

Your user ID should be an 18-digit long number.

Final words

Now, you have all the components necessary to link to your profile! Simply append the user ID you copied to the URL from earlier, like so: https://discord.com/users/672897428470366208

This process can even be done to link to other people’s profiles: simply right click on their username instead of yours!